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Moon by Simaudio Neo 390 Moon by Simaudio Neo 390

Moon by Simaudio Neo 390

66 500 kr
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The Moon 390 combines the functionality of the brand’s 350P pre-amp and 380D DAC with its latest network streaming architecture.

Avid music streamers who also place importance on playback from various digital and analogue sources may well be interested in Moon’s latest product.

The Moon 390 is a well-equipped machine, comprising a network streamer, DAC, preamp, headphone amp and MM/MC phono stage. But unlike the company’s Neo Ace all-in-one-system, it doesn’t have amplification built-in - so it will need connecting to a power amp or pair of active speakers.

Thanks to the inclusion of the brand’s MiND 2 (‘Moon intelligent Network Device’) streaming module, and of the ESS DAC Pro DAC, the Moon 390 can playback a multitude of audio formats, including DSD (up to DSD256), PCM (up to 32bit/384kHz) and MQA.

Considering the MiND 2 is the next version of the streaming architecure found in the Award-winning, DAC-less Moon Neo MiND streamer, we'd reasonably expect it to perform well.

The Moon 390 also supports CD-quality/hi-res streaming via Tidal Masters, Qobuz Sublime+and Deezer Hi-Fi for subscribers of those relevant streaming service tiers, has aptX Bluetooth for offline streaming, and is Roon Ready.

It’s good news for owners of existing MiND 2-enabled products too, as the Moon 390 can stream any digital or analogue source plugged into its inputs to other MiND 2 zones on the same network.


Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen