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YBA Design WD202 DAC/DSD

9 995 kr
Finns i lager

YBA Design DAC med DSD


The WD202 DAC from YBA has a width of 32 cm and the single frame aluminium casing is made from a stylish black metal. On the front alongside the power button is a row of blue LEDs indicating the current source. To choose between the five sources (Optical [ Coaxial [ AES/EBU [ USB [ iPod), a push button is positioned nearby. An IR window and two controls for volume plus a headphone jack complete the front panel. If headphones are connected, the volume keys will modify the output volume of the headphones only, as the output of the XLR and RCA is automatically muted when headphones are detected. A remote control comes as standard with the DAC.

The WD202 has DSD. Any source material being used which has been recorded with DSD encryption will be recognised by source selector changing from blue to green. This applies to all inputs.

For Windows users it is necessary to download a driver. The file can be downloaded from the product page on the YBA website. No download is necessary for MAC users.


Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen