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NuPrime MCX series

15 900 kr
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NuPrime-X MCX Series

Taking the best bits from NuPrime’s award winning products, the MCX has been developed for the multi-channel market. We understand that it is not only power that enthrals the listener, but also the accuracy of reproduction to create a realistic experience.

The MCX Series are marketed under NuPrime-X brand to focus on the home theater and gaming market but the performance is comparable to 9 and 10 series home stereo products. MCX amplifiers are the successor to MCH-K38, with improved clarity, wider soundstage and lower noise floor.

Power Rating & Measurement

  • For typical usage of multi-channel amps, the situation where all channels are driven at max power will never happen.
  • The MCX amps are designed to handle a wide range of speaker impedance from 2 Ohms to greater than 16 Ohms.
  • As the speaker load varies and drop, the power increases (normally a 4 ohm load would have twice the power).  But for high power amplifier the 4 ohm power rating can not exceed power supply, amplifier design limit and safety standard. Many manufacturers would claim theoretical (max) power to hype up the product spec.


  • Gain (factor): x21
  • Sensitivity (to rated power): 1.6V rms
  • Input Impedance: 50k Ohms
  • THD: 0.01%
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz~52KHz(-3dB)
  • Dimension: 347mm x 430mm x 74mm
  • 12V Trigger*
  • Standby mode power consumption: 20W
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Color: Black

*Front power button must be off for trigger to work. Use stereo tigger cable.


12V trigger added to all models currently shipping.


MCX-4 Outputs

  • Power Output (Peak): 300W@8 Ohms/channel; 400W@4 Ohms/channel
  • Power Output (RMS rated): 180W@8 Ohms/channel; 280W@4 Ohms/channel

MCX-3 Outputs

  • Power Output (Peak): 2 x 300W@8 Ohms; 1 x 550W@8 Ohms
  • Power Output (RMS rated): 2 x 180W@8 Ohms; 1 x 550W@8 Ohms

MCX-2 Outputs

  • Power Output (RMS rated): 2 x 550W@8 Ohms

MCX-1 Output

  • Power Output (RMS rated): 1 x 750W@8 Ohms


Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen