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Chord Sarum T Speaker Cable

39 400 kr
Finns i lager

NYA Sarum T med samma teknik som "Music Line"

10 AWG silver plated conductors.  Each band of copper that makes up the conductors is micro-polished to ensure a completely smooth surface prior to silver plating.  Insulation is air-spaced PTFE – PTFE is the best real world conductor.  It can be further improved by foaming – Nitrogen gas is introduced during the manufacturing process – or by air spacing as used on Sarum.  This lowers the dielectric value.  Shielding is a combination of foil and flat weave silver plated copper.  This ensures 100% coverage to the high frequencies.  Sarum is one of the most neutral speaker cables that are available.  It adds and takes away virtually nothing from the signal it’s carrying.  Music is presented extremely coherently and the level of shielding means that sound stage and image depth are dramatically improved. 

Conductor:  High purity polished OFC conductors plus silver plating

Insulation: Low density PTFE

Configuration: Twisted pair

Shielding: Individually shielded positive and minus conductors.  High density silver plated foil and dual silver plated 95% coverage copper braid.

AWG: 10

mm2: 5.26

Overall dia: 2x8.5mm

(Min length: 1.5m pair)


Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen