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Chord Sarum T Tuned ARAY Arm Lead SLIM

25 000 kr
Finns i lager

NYA Sarum T

“This does what every other Sarum cable has done in my system, it just lifts everything. Detail and dynamics, background noise seems to disappear. There’s that same sense of silence you get between notes that you hear with the other Sarum cables.”

This is a tone arm lead that takes advantage of the exceptional build quality of the Sarum interconnect cable. The micro polished silver-plated signal conductors are insulated with foamed PTFE, before being shielded with the most effective dual layer shielding we have yet used. Those conductors are exceptionally good when it comes to carrying something as delicate as the voltage that a typical moving coil cartridge puts out, so much information in such a tiny signal. The incredibly effective shielding plays a big part as well in protecting the delicate signal across an exceptionally wide frequency range.

Chances are that a turntable fitted with a Sarum tone arm lead is going to be pretty highly specified to begin with, but the chances are that the Sarum Tone Arm lead is going to be replacing something pretty basic. The change is not going to be small. Just how good that signal generated by your cartridge of choice is, is going to be more than a little surprising. The Sarum Tone Arm lead is going to give you so much more detail and involvement, the sound stage is going to become huge and very believable. What is an inherently musical and emotional source is going to become even more so.

Simple to fit and compatible with any tone arm capable of accepting an SME plug. This really should be a must listen to for anyone who takes their music and their vinyl collection seriously.

The Cable

Each Sarum conductor is built using micro-polished silver-plated conductors. Insulation is gas foamed PTFE and the shielding is one of the most effective we have used, bettered only by the spiral helix shield on the Sarum Digital Tuned ARAY. The cable is built to an extremely tight tolerance and with a high degree of precision; even so, every length is carefully checked and listened to before being used. In the case of the Sarum Tone Arm lead a single length of cable is used for each signal.

The Plugs

The Sarum Tone Arm lead is fitted with an SME tone arm plug at source and as standard, Chord’s ultra-low mass silver-plated RCA plugs and precision machined acrylic plug surrounds. The quality of cable construction, combined with the precision machined acrylic plug surrounds, make for a tone arm lead with excellent rejection of mechanical noise. Important to the performance of every cable and crucial to a tone arm lead.

Use it with

Easy to fit, easy to route and ideal for suspended turntables, have this fitted the next time your turntable is serviced.


Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen