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MOON by Simaudio Evolution 820S

88 500 kr
Finns i lager


  • Two custom proprietary toroidal transformers with lower magnetic, electrical and thermal loss, for an improved power transfer and a lower regulation factor. The result is increased current speed and better dynamics; One each for analog and digital power supplies.

  • The analog and digital power supplies each have 2 special “pi-type” lters after the inital voltage recti cation stage that reduce AC transmission noise, using 40,000uF of capacitance (4 x 10,000 uF) and dual choke inductance (2x 20mH).

  • The analog and digital supplies each have 4 stages of our proprietary M-R2S circuit; A fully discrete voltage regulation circuit using a “precision reference” feeding an ampli er made up of numerous IC’s and transistors as opposed to a single voltage regulation chip. M-R2S outputs pure DC power that is exceptionally fast, very precise, has a virtually unmeasureable noise level, as well as absolute stable voltage.

    • 4-Layerprintedcircuitboardswithpurecoppertracingsand extremely low impedance characteristics yielding much shorter signal paths and drastically reduced noise levels. 

The 820S is equipped with two sets of outputs; It can upgrade the performance of any one, or any combination of two of the following MOON Evolution series products simultaneously:

• 740P Preamplifier

• 650D and 750D DAC / CD Transports

• 780D DAC / Network Player

• 610LP and 810LP Phono Preamplifiers


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