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Clearaudio Magnify Clearaudio Magnify

Clearaudio Magnify

27 990 kr
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The Clearaudio Magnify tonearm delivers the world's first 'hybrid' bearing design. It combines a high quality ball race bearing for vertical movement, with a brand new magnetic bearing for horizontal movement. Anti-skating is also applied magnetically. Other key features include:

•A two-piece arm tube constructed from a carbon fibre weave for exceptional rigidity. •A lightweight one-piece aluminium headshell with adjustable azimuth.

•An offset, underslung counterweight.

•Precision micrometer adjustment of tracking force.

•Anti-skating control which is applied by an innovative magnetic system acting on the side of the bearing housing.

•An unbroken run of Clearaudio's own Direct Wire cable which provides a continuous link without solder connections from the cartridge to phono plugs. The Magnify is supplied as standard with a Linn-type mount or can be used with the Clearaudio VTA-Lifter, which allows fine adjustment of VTA even during play. Like all Clearaudio tonearms, the Magnify is designed for use with a wide range of turntables and cartridges.

Technical specifications Construction: Ball bearing magnet hybrid technology

Cartridge balance range: 4.0 gram – 22 gram

Zero points: Inner: 66.04 mm

Outer: 120.9 mm Audio lead: 1 metre Clearaudio Sixstream cable or RCA junction box

Overhang: 17.3 mm

Overall length: 345 mm

Effective tonearm length: 9.4 inches / 239.3 mm

Distance from pivot to stylus: 222 mm

Tilt angle: 23.00° Maximum of tilt angle according to the radius: 0.123°/cm

Middle skatingfactor at a radius of 133 mm and 83.9 mm: 0.49

Mounting style: Linn


Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen