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Clearaudio Universal

42 990 kr
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Clearaudio's top pivoted arm, the Universal features an ultra-rigid but lightweight design, enabling it to be offered in a new 12" length as well as the standard 9" length.

Like its name suggests, the Universal is designed for use with a wide range of turntables and cartridges. Further key features and benefits include:

•A three-piece carbon-fibre arm tube minimises arm tube resonance and combines high rigidity with low effective mass, giving excellent performance with a wide range of cartridges.

•A new lighter one-piece headshell also further reduces massand increases rigidity.

•High precision ball-race bearings in both the horizontal and vertical planes provide low friction and minimise bearing noise, contributing to excellent cartridge tracking.

•Fine-pitched screw adjustment of four interchangeable counterweights allows the tracking force to be set quickly and accurately for almost any cartridge on the market.

•Anti-skating is applied magnetically rather than by way of weighting or springs, thus further minimising friction and allowing unfettered performance.

•The adjustable azimuth ensures an accurate vertical orientation of the stylus in the record groove.

•An unbroken run of Clearaudio's own Sixstream cable provides a continuous link without solder connections from the cartridge to phono plugs.

•Supplied as standard with a Linn-type mount or can be used with the Clearaudio VTA-Lifter which allows fine adjustment of VTA even during play.

•A timeless design with beautiful pearl/matt chrome finish. As with all Clearaudio tonearms, the Universal is hand-assembled in Germany using Clearaudio's own precision-machined parts, designed to ensure the highest possible accuracy and extract the best performance from any phono cartridge.

Technical specifications

Available lengths: 9" 12"

Model: Radial tonearm Radial tonearm Overhang: 17.3 mm (0.68 inches) 13 mm (0.51 inches)

Offset angle: 23.0° 17.7°

Distance from pivot to turntable centre: 222.0 mm (8.7 inches) 295 mm (11.6 inches)

Effective tonearm length: 239.3 mm (9.4 inches) 308 mm (12.1 inches)

Mounting style: Linn Linn


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